A history of Swedish gothic rock

Preachers Cath Records was founded in 1992 in an attempt to round up bands of an alternative style of music. First release was "The Preachers of Neverland" with "Autoskopia", a 4 track 12" maxi single including the obvious hit "Bleed for me (version)", for which a video was made. It gave them a lot of attention as the public saw destruction and heresy instead of plain goth rock.
In 1993 we released a full length cd with "Catherine's Cathedral" entitled "Flowerdust", which gave the label the reputation it deserved. The cd made charts and playlists of clubs. "The Preachers of Neverland" released "Incision", a 3 track cd that never got the attention needed except accusations of subversity and destruction.
The label also released a 4 track cd with "Silent Echo", which unjustly didn't lead anywhere. 1994 saw the release of "Intoxication" by "Catherine's Cathedral" which they sold on to "House of Kicks Records", whom decided to form a new label due to misplacement of musical categories. Preachers Cath's biggest income was gone and a quick remedy was sorely needed. "The Preachers of Neverland" wanted to release a full length cd and after recording it twice they finally got it on the market in 1995. By then it was too late;
"The Preachers of Neverland" had given up. A last minute chance at widening the horizons was made and we quickly released a 7 track cd with "St. Vincent" entitled "Voi" and a 9 track cd by "Teeth" entitled "Cen", both leaning heavily towards experimental industry. They both sold well but to no avail; Preachers Cath Records went into a passive state.

a new beginning

In August of 2010, yours truly was approached by none other than the director of the brother company Social Blasphemy Records. The man himself suggested a take-over by Dozer Records. Dozer Records had the ambition to keep the stones rolling regarding modern metal as well as old school goth and noise core. Both Preachers Cath and its brother/sister company Social Blasphemy Records was started up again.

the helping hand disappears

While Dozer Records suddenly experienced problems of a various reasons, Preachers Cath and Social Blasphemy boomed.